Logan Theater, Inc. - Community Arts Center

By the 1980s Chakeres Logan Theatre was looking run down. 

Chakeres finally decided to close in Logan, but there was one last short lived attempt at keeping the movie theater open. Unfortunately this did not prove successful and the last movie to be shown in the building was "Unforgiven" in 1992

The building was foreclosed and sold at a sheriff’s sale in February of 1997. Since that time, the building remained vacant until it was purchased in 2003. The owner used the first floor commercial space for their technology businesses.

In 2018, Logan Town Center, with a generous contribution by Larry Gerstner and support from Citizens Bank of Logan purchased the building in order to restore it to its former glory. From this, Logan Theater, Inc. was born.


Elevator to cover all floors except balcony installed (takes until end of July to complete)




Gary Adcock, the last person to operate the projectors taking photos from the stage. February 2019.

On April 29th, Logan Theater board separates from Logan Town Center to become Logan Theater, Inc. New board takes ownership of the building.

Renovations begins in November.


Logan Town Center purchases the building in August




David Swain buys the building


Fred Weghorst buys building




Theater closes again, with the last movie shown “Unforgiven” starring Clint Eastwood


Gary Clarke becomes owner of theater.




Brian Mason leaves and Chakeres officially closes the theater


Brian Mason becomes manager




Joy Rutherford becomes manager


Ben Geary becomes manager




John Tabor becomes manager

Grand Reopening, 1965.

In 1965 the building was refurbished, including new signage on the marquee.  There was a grand opening with high hopes for the future. This was the last time there was any extensive remodeling in the building, however.

Barton Holl



Clay Hadley New Manager. Moves to Drive in shortly after

Robert (Bob) Rowland becomes Manager


Ed C. Paul Passes. New Manager George Wolfe



Main street


During a black & white movie, the projector stopped and the screen turned white. According to local resident, Lois Kempton, who’s aunt was in the audience, Ed Paul the manager walked on stage and said “Pardon me, ladies and gentlemen, sorry to interrupt the movie. I have just learned that Hawaii has been bombed by Japan and the U.S. has declared war. I understand if you want to go home” “Nobody had any interest in the movie” said Kempton. Everybody got up and just started to leave quietly, with the realization that we were now at war.



Bicycle Giveaway

Mills Brothers from New York

1938 Mills Brothers
1938 Gene Autry

Gene Autry & His Pals of Prairie


Ed C. Paul becomes Manager of Chakeres Theater. 

On Dec 7th, Little Sammy Davis (Sammy Davis, Jr.) starred in the road production of “Night Life in Harlem” and performed on the stage



Golden Era & Decline

Phil Chakeres of Springfield, Ohio, leased the building in 1936, upgraded it, and later purchased it in 1948 to be operated along with a chain of 37 other Chakeres theatres in Ohio and Kentucky. 

In its heyday, the theater presented Vaudeville performances, singers, cowboy entertainers, famous live performers, and movies. Sammy Davis, Jr., for example, performed on stage when he was a child.


On June 10th, the Chakeres Theatre, Inc. group of Springfield Ohio signed a 10 year lease with the Logan Holding Co. to take over operations of the theater.

On July 10, Phil Chakeres closed the building for extensive renovations totalling upward of $20,000.




Building sold from Knights of Pythias to Logan Holding Co. Miss Mary Edna Ewing was chief organist, Wayne Price and assistant Gifford Miller were projectionists, Claude Riggs was Assistant house manager and Nelle Dollison presided over the ticket booth.


On November 1st, First Movie Shown “The Campus Flirt” Starring Bebe Daniels



The Pythian Theatre

Located in downtown Logan, in the heart of the Hocking Hills. Our building is four-stories built in 1925 as a Masonic Lodge Temple and known as the Knights of Pythias building. The dedication stone can still be seen on the corner of the building.

When construction began, the speaker for the ceremony was noted for sharing what “the Pythias Castle would stand for in the community and why it should be a source of pride to every citizen of Hocking County.”

It was designed in a Classic Revival style with originally 600 seats (450 today) and was intended as an anchor for the business district of Logan. The theater's opening night was on November 1, 1926 to a capacity crowd who watched "Jolly Tars" and "The Campus Flirt". The Knights lost it during the Great Depression and the Masons bought it sometime later.

The Logan Holding Company took over “The Pythian Theatre” in 1931 and was managed by three individuals who kept it “clean, well arranged and perfect acoustics.”

Despite changing hands, a fraternal lodge continued to meet in the building, and a dance studio operated on the second floor for more than 12 years after 1934


The Knights of Pythias building was constructed for use as a Masonic Lodge