Logan Theater, Inc. - Community Arts Center

In partnership with Logan-Hocking School District, the Hocking County Children's Chorus, Larry Gerstner and Merchants National Bank (Formerly Citizens Bank of Logan) we are bringing a community resource back to the heart of downtown Logan.

As the building was originally designed to be a live performance venue, we will be bringing back live acts as well as movies. Musicians, comedians and all performers will be treading the boards again. Just like Roy Rogers and Trigger, and Sammy Davis Jr. did back in the day!

As well as having the Movie Theater and retail stores on Main Street, we have an additional three floors. All will have elevator access, and will be fully ADA accessible. It is intended that the Hocking County Children's Chorus will finally have a permanent home, and the Logan-Hocking School District will have a base downtown for community programs. In addition, the School District will be able to offer valuable skills to their students in being part of running the theater.

We will be working on the original projectors which are still in place, and also intend to offer digital projection.

This truly will be a wonderful resource we can all be proud of for now, and in the future.  A great event space for movies, live productions, weddings, special events and community gatherings; all in the heart of our downtown.

We need your support

This is happening . The project is estimated to be around $2.8 Million to complete. We have already made repairs to the outside of the building, replaced the roof, replaced all windows on the second and third floors and are working on the elevator shaft. 

The Logan Theater, Inc. board (consisting solely of community leaders who donate their time and take no compensation) are actively fundraising in the form of grants, partnerships and other revenue streams and need the support of everyone.

We appreciate your consideration, large or small. Please consider the campaigns we have launched to help be a part of this wonderful legacy for the community.


Board Members

  • Sheila Wolfe
  • James Martin
  • Andy Good
  • Stacey Gabriel
  • Abby Saving
  • Larry Gerstner
  • Monte Bainter
  • Therese Karnes
  • Rick Webb
  • John McClain
  • Matt Pippin
  • Mike Baird


Former Board Members

  • Dr. John Woltz
  • Dan Fischer



  • Sharon Grossman
  • Gary Adcock
  • Brian Mason
  • Denise Kelley
  • Audrey Martin
  • Karen Raymore
  • LHS Class of 1974 - Jim Robinson, Fred Hawk, John Smart, Mike Summers, Audie Wykle.
  • Terry Burns (Gyro)
  • Ski of Athens


Special thanks to:

John Williamson, American Theatre Equipment Company